About Us

I've always had fond memories of pulling out my mother's treasure box
[it was actually a small yellow suitcase] on rainy days and looking
through her High School scrapbooks. So when I was in high school
and college I also gathered my memories in books to cherish.
I was introduced to archival scrap booking in 1995.
Even back then, when supplies were limited,
I tried to put God's face on my pages.

Recently I received the greatest gift when
one of our teenage sons was looking through my high school / college
scrapbooks and exclaimed, "This is like a time capsule!
Thanks, Mom, for scrap booking my life!"

I hope that when our sons look through their books they can see
how the Lord has influenced our daily lives.
Not just on the obvious pages like baptism and church activities, but
also in our day-to-day experiences.
It's my prayer that the  Lord can use me to help you preserve your faith
and bring you closer to God as you seek Him face-to-face.
(Genesis 32:30)
My goals --

Provide assistance to others in understanding the many ways to express their faith creatively.
Define Faithbooking
Teach and show examples in learning environments
Share ideas about faith booking through my
blog and FaceBook Group
Teach and show by example how to accomplish this.
Classes are offered locally and at regional conventions / crops
Faith Based layouts / art can be seen in our
galleries and on other groups
Free mini-classes and instruction can be found at the FaceBook Group, instagram, and on my  
Provide needed tools and resources to accomplish faith booking page-by-page.
Faith Based Pages  helps others gather faith based materials to coordinate and create art that expresses God's love for us.
Faith Based Pages
Be Present - Be Real - Live Life