Faith booking can be an important part of your creative heritage!                     
                     Even those new to scrap booking  or art journaling know that it is a great way to
                     preserve memories of  personal growth, vacations, birthdays and other special events.
in our
                      With faithbooking the focus is on our spiritual journey and the faith
                     heritage that we want those who come behind us to remember about
                     us! Faithbooking, in simple terms, is putting the face of God on our        
                    creative and scrapbook  pages. As believers, we, like Jacob, see God face to face         
                     every day during our daily activities (Genesis 32:30.) Faithbooking is simply
                     incorporating our beliefs and experiences with God with the memories we
                     leave for our children (and children’s children) through scrap booking, art journaling     
                     and other creative endeavors.. What greater legacy could we leave?

Adding faith to our scrapbook pages can be done in many different ways through titles, scripture
stickers and tags, or journaling blocks.  Many scrapbookers incorporate their faith by adding
scripture verses to their  layouts of life activities such as school or trips to the zoo. There are several  
scripture concordances for scrap booking on-line if you search for them.  Others add faith to their
pages through layouts of faith based activities such as Vacation Bible School, Mission Trips, or
Christmas Candlelight Services.
Faith based pages could also include photos taken during a child’s
(or other’s) struggle with illness with the journaling revealing the spiritual growth that accompanied
this time (“During the Storms of Life, God Will See Me Through.”)  Faithbooking can also be a way to
focus on the people in our lives who have been an inspiration to us as we grow spiritually (“Faithful
Women in My Life”; “Men of Integrity.”)

Some faith bookers dedicate entire books or art journals [including Bible journaling] to their spiritual
growth.  And others combine photos of life events with the underlying spiritual experience they felt
during that time. Examples of this might include photos of a majestic sunrise (or sunset) or a hike to
a mountain top and the feeling of God’s awesome power, joy, and majesty.

Journaling is the heart of faithbooking. Hidden or ‘front and center’, this is where we share with
future generations what our relationship with God was like as we grew in our faith throughout our
lives. As Christians, we desire that all who come behind us find us faithful.
Our journals and
crapbooks should reflect both the good times and the struggles we face as we go through life.
Lessons learned that reflect our spiritual growth can be invaluable to future generations as they
grow through struggles of their own.

Regardless of your c
reative style, if faith is an important part of your life then you will want to preserve
this for future generations. Let’s begin today to capture those moments when we feel God’s
presence i
n all of our creative outlets!.
Faith Based Pages
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